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Dr M L Nichols - is a best selling author and one of the world's leading authorities on Borderline Money Disorder, Stress and Coping, and a subject matter expert on grief, PTSD - post traumatic stress disorder recovery, individual & personal  combat readiness model. His applications of CBM - Cognitive Bias Modification, the "5 Step Stress Coping Model" and Personal Combat Readiness Model deliver a PRIVATE, SELF DIRECTED, SELF DIAGNOSED, SELF COPING and SELF CORRECTING PROCESS that shall lead to personal resiliency and doesn't require any clinical records to be kept. Thus privacy and confidentiality are maintained. A person will quickly learn to cope and rewire their  Nervous System and Activate their own healing Serotonin, Endorphins and Neurotransmitters - You too will be able to  quickly Cope with and correct life's Stress and overcome: Borderline Money Disorder, Loss, Trauma, Grief, PTSD or personal combat performance and operational readiness issues such as: Stress of Daily Living, Unfinished Psychological Business, Self Sabotage, Personal or Sports Performance: You may quickly change how you live your life successfully today by learning how to cope with and remove the root causes of negative issues while creating the future you desire . . . 

When is WIN TIME? Win Time is any time, every time, all the time when you want to WIN is WINTIME.ORG 

The Nichols Group has unique, different, distinct personal individual Stress and Coping resiliency applications for “Life's problems: Grief, Loss, Trauma, PTSD, Fear, Anxiety,  Performance, and Borderline Money Disorder issues.”

As one NFL team physician recently said, “You've got exactly what people are looking for, it is your ability to teach a person how to turn their self around on a dime, on the field of play during the game (and the game of life)."


Dr. M. L. Nichols


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