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"Control the Crisis, Control the Game, Control the Win"

Dr. M. L. Nichols 

Dr M L Nichols - The Choke Doctor  and The Nichols Group have a unique, different, and distinct Neuro Science insight into the art of “On the field crisis thinking and crisis damage control.”  These techniques were discovered, developed, utilized, tested and proven with the thousands of individuals Dr. Nichols has dealt with during crisis periods while he was serving as a Chaplain in the US Navy, US Marine Corps, California State Government, and educational settings. 

Because of his techniques, Dr. Nichols was California’s only CDCR agency “9/11” Twin Towers NYC disaster ground zero responder.

Fortunately Dr. Nichols has been able to garner those experiences, episodes and times into the Advanced Performance Engineering, mental software engineering, knowledge base.  Just as during the “9/11” crisis, application of the APE knowledge base restores and maintains calm on the field of play.

Specifically one of Dr M L Nichols’ interventions maybe likened to the rebooting of your cell phone or computer.  Example, there are stressful times when your cell phone or computer goes on the blink. There is no hardware or software damage. And the easiest and most appropriate way to correct the problem is to just reboot the device. People are living bio-electrical chemical computers and often their mental computers only need to be rebooted. 

This is what Dr Nichols has researched, studied, and knows how to do.  He reboots a player’s bio-electrical chemical computer existentially in just a matter of seconds, on the field of play, during the game . . .

As one NFL team physician recently said, “You’ve got exactly what teams are looking for, it is your ability to turn a player around on a dime, on the field of play, during the game. Ultimately, they are not interested in the off the field, long term therapy approach.

Suppose these techniques could give your team an edge, keep players from choking in the clutch and prevent a team from losing 8-12%  games per season, how valuable would that be?

Based on the above facts, need, and application would it be of value to you to get The Nichols Group to assist you to “Control the Crisis, Control the Game, Control the Win”or not?


When you want to Win, Go APE in 2014


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