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1994-1996  CIM Psychiatrist would send cases to Dr M L Nichols for intervention. One specific case in particular, client spent 30 minutes with Dr M L Nichols on Sunday afternoon, on Monday taken off psychotropic drug therapy.

1995-1996 – Tested over 1500 subjects.  So Cal. Principal of one school, reported 4 months later of long term change in their own daughter due to the affects of The Nichols Process from being in a 45 minute “Lite Speed Model” group process session. Both classroom and field evaluative process.

 1995-2007 – Annual Presenter at ABNLP Convention So Cal – The Nichols Process and various quick  intervention topics: When Time Doesn’t Heal, The Alpha Omega Process, In the Twinkling of an Eye, Psycho-Drama.

1997 – US Navy PDTW – Miramar Naval Air Station - guest Intervention subject matter expert.

1997 – Unpublished work: Playing in the Zone Made Easy

2001 – “9/11” Twin Towers NYC Disaster Ground Zero Responder American Red Cross, National Transportation Board – intervention specialist.

2004  - Published: When Time Doesn’t Heal5 Barnes and Noble book  reviews. Average rating 5 Stars

2009 – Published: The One Minute Leader: 52 Weeks to Success – internet electronic and MP3 versions.

2010 – Frozen Ropes – Current sports intervention evaluation.

Dr M L Nichols’ intervention maybe likened to the rebooting of your cell phone or computer.  Example, there are stressful times when your cell phone or computer goes on the blink. There is no hardware or software damage. And the easiest and most appropriate way to correct the problem is to just reboot the device. People are living bio-electrical chemical computers and often their mental computers only need to be rebooted. This is what Dr Nichols has researched, studied, and knows how to do.  He reboots a player’s bio-electrical chemical computer existentially in just a matter of seconds, on the field of play, during the game  . . .  

As one NFL team physician said, “You’ve got exactly what teams are looking for, it is your ability to turn a player around on a dime, on the field of play, during the game.”

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Barnes and Noble Book Reviews  

Often times people have problems in getting over or beyond an emotional or traumatic event in their life, such as, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  When time doesn’t heal or complete its job and all seems hopeless, yet, there is still help and it is found in this book.

Overcoming PTSD, grief or any loss includes all forms of mental trauma in which there is some form of emotional brokeness.  These could include PTSD, a war zone experience, the loss of a loved one, the break up of a relationship such as divorce, losing a companion, losing a pet, a sports loss, a financial disaster or whatever.  Any or all of these can be a major catastrophic loss for an individual, some, even causing death.  As already indicated the healing process goes beyond just traditional methodologies, such as death, dying and grief as explained by Kubler Ross.  It includes a methodology that overcomes debilitating secondary gain, PTSD or any emotional loss.  All problems have solutions.  Many protocols and solutions are found in this book.



The reason for The One Minute Leader is


There is a difference between a leader and a manager.


I found there is plenty of managerial training


But on Leadership 


Too much is said


Too little is read


And leadership is almost dead


That’s why it is important for this book to be read


Thus the birth of the one minute approach to applied leadership.


Voila, The One Minute Leader: 52 Weeks to Success was written:


A dynamic, short, less is more, one liner approach about leadership and organizational success.


If you are to read only one book in order to apply and achieve results immediately after your first use and are looking for a one minute approach to leadership, organizational development, problem solving, and a way to save your organization time and money, The One Minute Leader  is the book to read.

The One Minute Leader is the development of 32 years of research, experience, finding a need and meeting it.


In 1986, while assigned to the Headquarters Staff at Naval Air Station, Point Mugu, California, he thought, “How can I make the greatest contribution to our unit?”  So he took it upon himself to add a short unique leadership component to each staff meeting when it was his time to present ... Job Well Done!


Exit 20 years ... he is then working for CDCR and attending Executive Staff Meetings.  Again he thought, “How can I make the greatest contribution?” He remembered from attending the 2004 California Performance Review Hearings, there was a distinct 28 year void in leadership training.  Voila, he found the need and created The One Minute Leader. 


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Dr. Michael L.  Nichols - The Choke Doctor - is  innovative, insightful and informative on leadership and PTSD. He retired from the US Navy as a Lieutenant Commander  and from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). His peers and superiors said, "He is twenty years ahead of his time!"

At Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California, he was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for creating the "most innovative and effective correctional religious program in the United States," which lowered the incident rate by a documented 60 percent.  Dr. Nichols graduated number one in his two Navy leadership and management courses, earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary,  did post graduate work in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and was awarded Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP and Time Line Therapy ® Certifications.

His published works include: Communicate: through the Windows of the Mind, the “Four Key Elements of a Successful Institutional Intervention,” Playing In the Zone Made Easy, When Time Doesn’t Heal, and The One Minute Leader: 52 Weeks to Success.


Go APE Sports
Consulting and Coaching
Athletic Performance Engineering


"Control the Crisis, Control the Game, Control the Win"

Dr. M. L. Nichols 

Dr M L Nichols - The Choke Doctor and The Nichols Group have a unique, different, and distinct Neuro Science insight into the art of “On the field crisis thinking and crisis damage control.”  These techniques were discovered, developed, utilized, tested and proven with the thousands of individuals Dr. Nichols has dealt with during crisis periods while he was serving as a Chaplain in the US Navy, US Marine Corps, California State Government, and educational settings. 

Because of his techniques, Dr. Nichols was California’s only CDCR agency “9/11” Twin Towers NYC disaster ground zero responder.

Fortunately Dr. Nichols has been able to garner those experiences, episodes and times into the Go APE Sports, Athletic Performance Engineering, knowledge base.  Just as during the “9/11” crisis, application of the APE knowledge base restores and maintains calm on the field of play.

As one NFL team physician recently said, “You’ve got exactly what teams are looking for, it is your ability to turn a player around on a dime, on the field of play, during the game. Ultimately, they are not interested in the off the field, long term therapy approach.

Suppose these techniques could give a team an edge, keep players from choking in the clutch and prevent a team from losing 8-12%  games per season, how valuable would that be?

Based on the above facts, need, and application would it be of value to you to get The Nichols Group to assist you to “Control the Crisis, Control the Game, Control the Win”or not?


If you want to Win, Go APE in 2010


Dr. M. L. Nichols

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