Dr M L Nichols

The One Minute Leader


Get the Blessing,

Forget the Credit,

Put Your Hand to It,

And Just Do It!

Dr. Michael L Nichols

(Mission Accomplishment)

The reason for The One Minute Leader is


There is a difference between a leader and a manager.


I found there is plenty of managerial training


But on Leadership 


Too much is said


Too little is read


And leadership is almost dead


That’s why it is important for this book to be read


Thus the birth of the one minute approach to applied leadership.


Voila, The One Minute Leader: 52 Weeks to Success was written:


A dynamic, short, less is more, one liner approach about leadership and organizational success.


If you are to read only one book in order to apply and achieve results immediately after your first use and are looking for a one minute approach to leadership, organizational development, problem solving, and a way to save your organization time and money, The One Minute Leader  is the book to read.

The One Minute Leader is the development of 32 years of research, experience, finding a need and meeting it.


In 1986, while assigned to the Headquarters Staff at Naval Air Station, Point MuguCalifornia, he thought, “How can I make the greatest contribution to our unit?”  So he took it upon himself to add a short unique leadership component to each staff meeting when it was his time to present ... Job Well Done!


Exit 20 years ... he is then working for CDCR and attending Executive Staff Meetings.  Again he thought, “How can I make the greatest contribution?” He remembered from attending the 2004 California Performance Review Hearings, there was a distinct 28 year void in leadership training.  Voila, he found the need and created The One Minute Leader. 


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