Dr M L Nichols

When Time Doesn't Heal

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Often times people have problems in getting over or beyond a traumatic event in their life, such as a loss, trauma, grief, PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Any Unfinished Psychological Spiritual or Emotional Business.  When traditional time fails to heal, run its course or complete its job and all seems hopeless, there are still  help, hope and healing processes found in the book.

You may now overcome loss, trauma, grief, PTSD, or any form of mental duress in which some form of emotional brokenness has prevented you from becoming successful and the real you.  These could include PTSD, a war zone experience, the loss of a loved one, the break up of a relationship such as divorce, losing a companion, losing a pet, a sports loss, a financial disaster, a hidden secreted subliminal childhood trauma or any unfinished emotional issue.  Any or all of these can be a major catastrophic stumbling block or hindrance for an individual, some, even causing death.  This healing process goes beyond just traditional methodologies, such as death, dying and grief as explained by Kubler Ross. The WHEN TIME DOESN'T HEAL process includes a methodology that overcomes debilitating secondary gain, the generational curse, PTSD or any emotional problem.  All problems have solutions.  Many protocols, processes  and solutions are found in the WHEN TIME DOESN'T HEAL process . . ..

Now there are new WHEN TIME applications which can help you overcome obstacles, help you to achieve your dreams by enhancing your vision, activating your success endorphins and assist you to become the real you are destined to be because you will remove the rust from your inner neurotransmitters. The process is similar to removing a mental computer virus, DEFRAGing the brain, then rebooting the mental processes. The new applications are now available on the internet online via video Skype interactive coaching counseling conferencing. CONTACT for details . . .


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